Intel® RealSense™ Developer Documentation

  1. OpenCV DNN object detection with RealSense camera
  2. minimal_realsense2 - Streaming and Presets in C
  3. ANDREASJAKL.COM - Capturing a 3D Point Cloud with Intel RealSense and Converting to a Mesh with MeshLab
  4. FluentRealSense - The First Steps to a Simpler RealSense
  5. RealSense ROS-bag parser - code sample for parsing ROS-bag files by @marcovs
  6. OpenCV threaded depth cleaner - RealSense depth-map cleaning and inpainting using OpenCV
  7. Sample of how to use the IMU of D435i as well as doing PCL rotations based on this
  8. realsense-ir-to-vaapi-h264 - hardware encode infrared stream to H.264 with Intel VAAPI
  9. realsense-depth-to-vaapi-hevc10 - hardware encode depth stream to 10 bit HEVC with Intel VAAPI
  10. EtherSense - Ethernet client and server for RealSense using python's Asyncore
  11. Unofficial OpenVino example + D400 - example of using OpenVino with RealSense and ROS for object detection
  12. keijiro/Rsvfx - An example that shows how to connect RealSense depth camera to Unity VFX Graph
  13. kougaku/RealSenseOSC - Client-Server project with Processing example for T265
  14. Vimeo Depth Viewer - A RealSense depth viewer using nanogui
  15. PINTO0309/MobileNet-SSD-RealSense - RaspberryPi3 or Ubuntu + Multi Neural Compute Stick(NCS/NCS2) + RealSense D435 + MobileNet-SSD(MobileNetSSD) + Background Multi-transparent(Simple multi-class segmentation) + FaceDetection + MultiGraph + MultiProcessing + MultiClustering
  16. realsenseOnCyber Realsense module Based on Apollo Cyber RT
  17. Raspberry Pi Handheld 3D Scanner by Frank Zhao
  18. Erwhi Hedgehog by Giovanni Bruno - Open-Source Hardware and Software design featuring Intel RealSense, UP-Squared and Intel Movidius technologies

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