macOS installation for Intel RealSense SDK



macOS support for the full range of functionality offered by the SDK is not yet complete. If you need support for R200 or the ZR300, legacy librealsense offers a subset of SDK functionality.

Building from source

  1. Install XCode 6.0+ via the AppStore.
  2. Install the Homebrew package manager via terminal. See this link for guidance.
  3. Install the following packages via Homebrew:
brew install libusb pkg-config
brew install homebrew/core/glfw3
brew install cmake

Note: librealsense requires CMake version 3.8+ that can be obtained via the official CMake site.

  1. Generate XCode project:
mkdir build && cd build
sudo xcode-select --reset
cmake .. -DBUILD_EXAMPLES=true -DBUILD_WITH_OPENMP=false -DHWM_OVER_XU=false -G Xcode
  1. Open and build the XCode project.