F400 Series SDK and Firmware Releases

SDK and firmware release files for Intel® RealSense™ ID F400 series products for use on all supported operating systems.

How to Install


  1. Select the desired release from the table below.
  2. Download the source code and firmware matching your SKU under Assets.
  3. Build the release using CMake. See details on GitHub.


  1. Firmware update can be completed using the rsid-fw-update tool that is included in each SDK.

Firmware Releases
All Intel® RealSense™ ID firmware releases are stable releases to be used in any stage of end-user product development and production. Releases use the following versioning number scheme:

“Release 0.X.Y”

  • Where an increment in X is a major release that includes new features.
  • Where an increment in Y is a minor release that provides security and bug fixes.
  • Please ensure that your SDK version matches the FW version per the table below.

Customers can take full advantage of the new features and resolved issues throughout all releases.  See the release notes for details.

F400 Series SDK downloads

All Releases

ReleaseRelease DateFW VersionSDK VersionSupported SKUComment*
Version 0.33.3April 5, 20245.7.0.3010.33.3F450, F455Software license required, enhanced algorithms and more.
FW 4, 20234.3.0.3000.25.0F450, F455Minor bug fixes
Version 0.25.0Aug 19, 20214.3.0.82000.25.0F450, F455Support for enrollment from RGB image in host mode.
Version 0.24.0Aug 2, 20214.2.1.82010.24.0F450, F455Improved latency for most operations, improved anti-spoofing protection.
Version 0.23.0Jul 27, 20214.2.0.82000.23.0F450, F455Added Python support
Version 0.22.0Jul 25, 20214.2.0.82000.22.0F450, F455Improved preview image quality, improved accuracy for Anti-Spoofing and more.
Version 0.21.0Jun 28, 20214.0.0.370.21.0F450, F455Enroll with RGB image, improved multiple faces processing and more.
Version 0.19.0Jun 7, 20213., F455New dump and preview options, enabled flipped preview and more.
Version 0.18.1May 24, 20212., F455Added option to enable metadata in windows installer, added missing 3rd party files.
Version 0.18.0May 20, 20212., F455New device config options, DetectSpoof API was deprecated and more.
Version 0.17.1May 3, 20212.6.0.750.17.1F450, F455Database import/export supper, better face detection capabilities and more.
Version 0.16.0Apr 22, 20212.4.2.740.16.0F450, F455Increased preview resolution, Added matching score and more.
Version 0.15.0Apr 1, 20212.3.0.630.15.0F450, F455Adding recognition-only mode, new recognition model and more.
Version 0.13.0Mar 11, 20212.0.11.450.13.0F450, F455New enrollment process, GUI updates and more.
Version 0.12.4Mar 4, 20212.0.10.450.12.4F450, F455Improved SDK installer, improved C# application UX and more.
Version 0.11.0Feb 7, 20211., F455Android support, server mode and more.
Version 0.10.1Jan 25, 20211., F455Initial Github release.

* See each release for detailed release notes