These Examples demonstrate how to use the Node.js wrapper for the SDK.

List of Examples

Sample code source code is available on GitHub

For full Node.js AP documentation please open wrappers/nodejs/doc/index.html for full reference document. If it isn't there, run the following commands to generate it:

cd wrappers/nodejs
node scripts/generate-doc.js
# ExampleDescriptionCamera/SKULink to GitHub
1Stream Depth and ColorThis examples demonstrates how to stream depth and colorD400/L500nodejs-capture
2PointcloudThis examples demonstrates pointcloude visualizationD400/L500nodejs-pointcloud
3Remove background and alignDemonstrates
background removal by aligning depth images to color images
4Save to SiskDemonstrates how to save a png and csv files to diskD400/L500nodejs-save-to-disk
5Sensor ControlA tutorial for using the more advanced API that the RealSense SDK provides.D400/L500nodejs-sensor-control

Stream Depth and Color code example

#!/usr/bin/env node

// Copyright (c) 2017 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by an Apache 2.0 license
// that can be found in the LICENSE file.

'use strict';

const rs2 = require('../index.js');
const {GLFWWindow} = require('./glfw-window.js');
const {glfw} = require('./glfw-window.js');

// A GLFW Window to display the captured image
const win = new GLFWWindow(1280, 720, 'Node.js Capture Example');

// Colorizer is used to map distance in depth image into different colors
const colorizer = new rs2.Colorizer();

// The main work pipeline of camera
const pipeline = new rs2.Pipeline();

// Start the camera

while (! win.shouldWindowClose()) {
  const frameset = pipeline.waitForFrames();
  // Build the color map
  const depthMap = colorizer.colorize(frameset.depthFrame);
  if (depthMap) {
    // Paint the images onto the window
    const color = frameset.colorFrame;
    glfw.draw2x2Streams(win.window, 2,, 'rgb8', depthMap.width, depthMap.height,, 'rgb8', color.width, color.height);


Installation and Build Guidelines

Please refer to installation guideline at Node.js Installation and build guidelines