Firmware releases L500

Firmware release files for Intel® RealSense™ products for use on all supported operating systems.

Refer to the Intel RealSense product documentation (PDF) included in the archive for the latest device and documentation errata, specification clarifications and changes.

How to install
Firmware update can be completed using the Firmware Update Tool provided with librealsense.

Firmware Releases
All Intel® RealSense™ camera or module firmware releases are stable releases to be used in any stage of end-user product development and production.  The current release cadence is approx. 2 months with the following versioning number scheme:

“Release X.Y”
Where an increment in X number stands for a release that has undergone extensive tests and characterizations. 
Where an increment in Y number stands for a release that has undergone incremental and regression testing. 

Customers can take full advantage of the new features and resolved issues throughout all releases.  Check the errata and release notes for the details.

(P): Intel, once or twice a year, evaluates a firmware release to be included in the production line.

L500 Series firmware downloads

Firmware fileReleaseRelease DateVersionSDK VerSupported SKUComment
Signed_Image_UVC_1_5_8_1.binRelease 5.8June 9, 20211.
Signed_Image_UVC_1_5_5_0.binRelease 5.5March 22, 20211.
Signed_Image_UVC_1_5_4_1.binRelease 5.4February 16, 20211.
Signed_Image_UVC_1_5_3_0.binRelease 5.3January 6, 20211.
Signed_Image_UVC_1_5_2_0.binRelease 5.2November 18, 20201.
Signed_Image_UVC_1_5_1_3.binRelease 5.1October 1, 20201.
Signed_Image_UVC_1_5_0_0.binRelease 5.0August 27, 20201.
Signed_Image_UVC_1_4_1_2.binRelease 4.13July 9, 20201.
Signed_Image_UVC_1_4_1_0.binRelease 4.12June 10, 20201.