Patch for the DSO-1369 Issue

Extensive testing of the RS400 on large pool of different machines have identified a rare platform problem: On the affected machines, in a stress-test of start-stop streaming the UVC module can get "stuck" within ~1000 iterations. Possible work-arounds include re-connecting the device, or re-loading the uvcvideo kernel module. We are also providing Kernel patch that prevents the problem from occurring.

Be aware that running this script will build and install a new kernel version on your machine.

Installation Instructions

Update Ubuntu distribution, including getting the latest stable kernel

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

The following script will download, patch and build the whole Kernel from sources. This operation should take ~30 minutes. The new Kernel version will be noted at the end of the installation.

$ ./scripts/

Reboot and load the newly installed Kernel.

$ reboot

Check and verify the Kernel version

$ uname -r