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D400 firmware update for Windows

Device firmware update (DFU) tool for Windows installation and user guide
Version 1.4

DFU Usage & Options Menu

  • Device Firmware Update (DFU) tool required to update Intel® RealSense™ D400 series camera firmware
  • Camera firmware is updated using “signed firmware” binary files provided by Intel Corp.
  • DFU tool and latest available “signed firmware” binary file can be downloaded from
DFU for Windows Tool Options Menu

DFU for Windows Tool Options Menu

Depth Cameras Supported by DFU Tool

  • Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D415
  • Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D435
  • Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D435i

DFU Tool supports firmware updates for integrated depth cameras built with Intel® RealSense™ Vision Processor D4 and Depth Modules from Intel® RealSense™ D400 series

For information on Intel® RealSense™ D400 series, refer to this Datasheet

Best Known Configuration (BKC)

Windows 10 Host Hardware Requirements:

Intel will specify the version of each component that should be used in the setup for each software release. To ensure Intel can provide the best support it is important that the version of each component matches the latest “best known configuration” table.

Component Usage Version
Intel processor-based platform with USB 3.1 port HostSystem N/A
4GBs DDR RAM Required for Intel® RealSense™ D400 series camera functionality SODIMM
>128 GB HDD/SSD At least 128GBs for OS + LibRealSensePackages N/A
Intel® RealSense™ D400 Series DepthCamera D400/D410/D415/D420/D430/D435

Windows 10 Host Software Requirements:

Component Usage Version Location
Host Operating System - Windows 10 Update Camera Firmware / Run LibRealSenseExamples Windows 10, 64bit RS2 (Ver. 1703) Pro, 64bit Press START Button -> Type “Winver” -> Press [ENTER]
Device Firmware Update Tool (DFU) for Intel® RealSense™ D400 Series Cameras Install latest camera firmware on RealSense™ Cameras Public Release Download
Signed Firmware .bin file Firmware.bin file for camera firmware update Public Release Download

The software installation process requires industry tools and software to be installed on a host system. The version of thesetools is less strict then the software components, but recommended to align versions where possible.

Camera Enumeration

Device Enumeration –Windows* 10 Host System

In order for Windows 10 to recognize D400 Series devices and install correct drivers; all Windows Updates must be applied prior to plugging D400 Series camera to Windows Host System. For below instructions, D410camera was used, device enumeration will differ from D400/D415/D420/D430/D435. Driver installation across Windows 10 remains the same.

  1. Plug D400 Series camera to Windows 10 Host via USB3.1 port. > “Setting Up Device” dialog box should appear on very first plug in of device.
  1. Open Device Manager

    Right click Start button
    Click on Device Manger

  1. Notice the D400 series number of appropriate camera is shown under “Cameras”. If camera is not shown under “Cameras”, please make sure all Windows 10 Updates are downloaded and installed.Also verify if Windows 10 RS2 1706 is installed.

DFU Tool Install/Usage

DFU Tool Install/Usage on Windows* 10 Host

  1. Install Windows* 10 on Host with USB3.1 port.

  2. Copy and paste DFU tool and corresponding D400 series firmware .bin files (signed firmware) to Windows* 10 host system.Note what directory files are stored.

  3. Open to DFU Tool directory; and right click “intel-realsense-dfu.exe”and choose,“Run as administrator”.

    You can also open a command line as admin and run the “intel-realsense-dfu.exe” from there.

  4. Plug in D400 series camera/s to host USB3.1 port

  5. Command line window should appear with main menu of tool being displayed.

  6. Press “2” then [ENTER] to display a list of upgradeable cameras.

  7. Notice a list is produced in command line window.
    Press “1” [ENTER] to select D400 series camera and begin firmware update process.

  8. Prompt asks user to input file path of firmware .bin file.

    Type the full file path with firmware filename included and press [ENTER].

  9. Notice output of downloaded bytes transmitting, this process takes ~3 minutes until completion.

  10. When firmware upgrade is complete, the camera will reset. A windows icon saying “Device is undergoing additional setup” should pop up.The main menu will appear again.

  11. Verify the firmware version installed on camera by pressing “4” and [ENTER] followed by “1” and [ENTER]
    Notice the firmware version has changed on the Intel® RealSense™ Camera selected for firmware update.

D400 firmware update for Windows

Device firmware update (DFU) tool for Windows installation and user guide
Version 1.4

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